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  Sorry for the long delay in updating this site, and thankyou for your loyalty. Site usage statistics now show that you are over 150 people per day to visit the JoDaviess County Concrete website. The history of writing section is more and more popular (particulary around term paper time) and you can find it directly from the menu on the left. You can still use the back and forward buttons on the typewriter carriage to walk through the whole site. The Baseball umpire journal gives you a tour of my exploits as a baseball umpire in France in 1998. There is an entry for every game. Take a walk through it and see that this is really "Umpire Heaven". The 1999 season will be up before the end of the year (after a suitable delay to protect the innocent).
  JDC-Concrete is referenced for students of English by the Shadow Canyon Writers Group at The English Room by Marsha Rogers, English Department Chair at Mineral County High School, Hawthorne, Nevada, USA. Learn all about writing poetry in this 30-day presentation. JDC-Concrete is day one.
  You can order the original JoDaviess County Concrete collection of poems in hard-copy format here.
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