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My thanks to Billy Eckles of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for this excellent example of concrete poetry.

I [Love] <')))><ing.

This English S-V-O construction shows the power of concrete imaging:
1. The subject "I" is a classical upper-case alphabetic symbol.
2. The verb is a 3-D image, that can also be expressed as mathematic formula (please guess which one).
3. The object is a combination of mathematical symbols (less-than and greater-than), an apostrophe which marks the English genitive and right round brackets which together symbolize a noun doubled as a verb which in turn is converted by the English "ing" (the English key indicating a verb is used in the gerundive) to form the object.
Even using a 3-D image for the verb, the object in concrete form <')))><ing carries more force. The order of importance in the phrase is thus O-V-S.

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