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References and further reading

    Guilliaume Apollinaire
    I have not yet found any web sites with examples of Guillaume Apollinaire's poems, but there are many sites that talk about him. http://www.press.uchicago.edu is part of the Association of American University Presses. They list a translation into English by Ann-Hyde Greet of Calligrammes: poems of peace and war (1913-1916). An excellent discussion about Apollinaire, his epoch and those that influenced him can be found in an article Calligrammes et Abstraction (in French) by Wolfgang Wackernagel.
    Jean-Louis Calvet, Histoire de l'écriture, Plon, Paris, 1996.
    Calvet borrows extensively from Fevrier, but is much more readable. There is also an update on the adventure of decrypting Mayan glyphs, lots of photos (instead of illustrations).
    James G. Fevrier, Histoire de l'écriture, Payot, Paris, 1984.
    This is the definitive book in French on the history of writing systems. Everyone else steals extensively from it. Hard to read (the manuscript is typed) and hard to find (printed in a very limited edition) it is very detailed and complete (except for the recent successful cracking of Mayan glyphs).
    Charles Higonnet, L'écriture, Que Sais-Je, Paris, 1955.
    The poor man's guide to the history of writing, available in every French bookstore.
    Massin, La lettre et l'image, Editions Gallimard, Paris, 1993.
    One of the most beautiful collections of alphabets, concrete poems (all the way back to Rome) and commentary ever published (even the barcode on the back is a concrete poem). It is almost out of print and will cost you a bundle. Preface by Raymond Queneau and commentary by Rolland Barthes.
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