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Long Drive Day

The regular season in France ends in early July. It is almost impossible to get two full teams together in July or August during French summer holidays. It is already the first weekend of July when I am requested by Gilbert to fill in for a game at Olivet, near Orléans. Only one local umpire, Yann, is still at his post, and even in "B" Division it is better to be at least two umpires.

Even on a Sunday morning it is almost a two-hour drive to Olivet from Paris. My partner, however is driving in from Tours, 100 miles west, and doesn't arrive until well into the first inning. Olivet scores 13 runs before Paris University Club responds with only one in the bottom of the fourth. This is the second day of a two-day tournament. Olivet had swept the first game yesterday 10 to 1.

There was little of note in the game today. Olivet went on to win 14 to 1. I had to ask a relieving Paris pitcher to remove his neck jewelry, earrings and inside glove. Other than that there was no action on the part of Paris.

Farther away, a player in Saint-Lo attacked an umpire. The President of the Federation who was in attendance that day, also walked onto the field to criticize the call. The umpire left the field without filing a report and hasn't umpired since. I wouldn't find out about these events until after vacations.



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