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This is my journal as an fastball umpire during my first year in the French national Senior division in 1998. It was (and still is) lots of fun.
Opening Day, March 29, Savigny vs Cherbourg
A Good Day, April 19, Montigny vs Vauréal
A Day of Reckoning, May 10, Saint-Lo vs Savigny
Home Run Day, May 17, Melun vs Montpellier
Dog Day, May 21, Paris vs Savigny
The Longest Day, May 24, Cergy vs Toulouse
No Day At All, May 31, Vauréal vs Olivet
A Bad Day, June 13, Savigny vs Rouen
The Hottest Day, June 21, Montigny vs Olivet
Long Drive Day, July 5, Olivet vs Paris
Invisible Day, Sept. 6, Paris vs Cergy
Championships, Sept. 12-13
First Day of the Series, Sept. 12, Saint-Lo vs Paris
Last Day in Saint-Lo, Sept. 13, Saint-Lo vs Paris
Fifth or Sixth Day, Sept. 19, Paris vs Melun
First Championship Day in Paris, October 3
Final Championship Day in Paris, October 4
Not Over Yet Day, October 10-11, Saint-Lo vs Pessac

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